Endocrinologist told whether it is possible to lose weight with problems with the thyroid gland

Many people believe that hormonal disorders are not only a common cause of excess weight, but also the reason why it is impossible to lose weight. About whether this is true, “AiF.ru” asked the professor, director of the endocrinology clinic of the First Moscow State Medical University. Sechenov, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Medical Sciences Valentin Fadeev.

“I will disappoint you right away – the term“ hormonal failure ”is in clinical medicine simply does not exist! But such expressions like to use pseudo-healers and ladies who want to find an excuse for their laziness and stress.  Obesity is very rarely caused by endocrine pathology, on the contrary, most of our patients with really proven endocrine diseases have normal, and sometimes even insufficient body weight,” the specialist said.

There is often a confusion of cause and effect. The origins of this myth are most likely that obesity is a very common problem. As well as endocrine diseases, which every fifth adult has today.  Often occurring diseases can naturally be combined, while not having a causal relationship with each other. And when this happens, then this situation becomes very “profitable”; for the patient, because he has one hundred percent self-justification of excess weight. But this is   self-deception. The most typical example of the confusion of cause and effect – diabetes. It does not make people fat, but vice versa – obesity provokes the development of this disease.

Moreover, if we are talking about a patient with severe obesity, you can be almost sure that the cause of his fullness is not an endocrine disease. And after compensation or even a complete cure of endocrine pathology is achieved, this will miraculously not lead to weight normalization.

In the practice of endocrinologists, there are two typical situations in which the doctor and the patient often part, being dissatisfied with each other. This is obesity and excessive hair loss. In both cases, the doctor is almost always sure that the patient does not have endocrine diseases, and the patient is sure of the opposite.

There is no difference in approaches to weight correction in individuals with and without endocrine diseases. Weight correction is always – both in people with endocrine pathology and without it – very rarely achieved. Everyone does not lose weight without exception, and the reason is not in hormones. So, with moderate obesity, persistent weight loss and its retention is achieved in no more than 5-10% of patients. And with morbid, severe obesity, this figure is completely close to zero.

Blaming the hormones that patients take for vital indications is, in principle, not true. After all, if the human body lacks some really necessary substance: thyroxine, insulin, cortisol, etc., then the appointment of hormone replacement therapy simply has no alternative. But in this situation, it is important for the doctor to prescribe such therapy adequately, that is, no more, no less, but exactly so that it mimics the normal production of the hormone as accurately as possible.

Optimal weight – difficult question, and again, this is not a medical term. In clinical medicine, very conditional upper and lower limits of body weight are used. They are wide enough and the interval between them can reach 10 kg or more. It is impossible to say what weight is optimal for a particular individual person.

Both underweight and overweight carry the risk of developing a number of diseases, sometimes fatal. But one or another disease will develop in a particular person, it is also impossible to say. There are a huge number of examples when a person with obvious obesity lived to almost 100 years old. man is mortal, and this is written in our genetic program, which no one has yet managed to outwit and is unlikely to succeed. Just try to eat varied and, most importantly, in moderation. Regarding diversity – Now, in the 21st century, there are far fewer problems with this than in the entire past history of mankind. But it's all about abundance. But with moderation, it’s more difficult, because here our brain, which loves to enjoy food, intervenes. Fight with yourself and your brain,” advised Valentin Fadeev.

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