Lavrov ruled out obstacles to the operation due to the grain deal

The minister stressed that there are no clauses in the agreements that would prevent Russia from continuing to carry out tasks within the framework of the special operation. Lavrov also noted that Russia's actions do not pose a threat to the export of grain


In the agreements signed by Russia on the export of Ukrainian grain and the withdrawal restrictions on the supply of Russian products, there is nothing that prevented Russia from continuing the operation in Ukraine, said Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

During a joint press conference with the Foreign Minister of the Congo, after the talks, Lavrov was asked to comment on Western countries' assessments of the Russian strike on the port of Odessa, which was struck on July 23.

“If we talk about the episode that you mentioned and which took place in Odessa, then there is nothing in the obligations that Russia assumed, including within the framework of the agreements signed on July 22 in Istanbul, which forbade us to continue a special military operation, destroying military infrastructure and other military purposes”, — Lavrov said.

He stressed that the targets that were hit are located in a separate “military” parts of the Odessa port and the grain terminal is located at a sufficient distance from them. “These targets were a Ukrainian Navy combat boat and an ammunition depot, where Harpoon anti-ship missiles were recently delivered. Delivered in order to pose a threat to the Russian Black Sea Fleet, — added the Foreign Minister.

According to him, there are no obstacles for Ukrainian grain to be delivered to customers in accordance with the agreements.

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The minister also said that the West presents news about Russia “distorted”, ” only in the form in which it can be used against the Russian Federation.

On July 22, agreements were signed in Istanbul between Russia and Turkey, as well as between Ukraine and Turkey, under the testimony of the UN. They established the procedure for the export of grain from the ports of Odessa, Chernomorsk and Yuzhny— through safe corridors in the Black Sea, with the inspection of ships at the entrance and exit from the Black Sea.

In addition, Russia and the UN signed a memorandum to facilitate the promotion of Russian food and fertilizers on world markets. His task— achieve the exclusion of these products from the sanctions. The memorandum will be valid for three years.

Reports of a strike on the port of Odessa began to arrive a day later, on the morning of July 23rd. The Ministry of Defense in the evening report of the same day did not mention Odessa, however, in the morning report on July 24, it confirmed the strike and reported that the targets were military facilities.

The West condemned Moscow's actions. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said it “undermines efforts to get food to the hungry and credibility of Russian commitments.” on a completed grain deal. UN Secretary General António Guterres also expressed concern that the attack on the port jeopardizes the agreements reached on the export of grain.

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