Medvedev threatened Ukraine because of the Crimea: “For them all, judgment day will come”


Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev commented on the statements of representatives of the Ukrainian authorities, who, if technically possible, allowed a strike on Krymsky bridge. According to Medvedev, in the event of such a thing for the attacking side – “exalted bloody clowns” – there will be serious consequences.

“For all of them there, the day of judgment will come at once,” he said during the events in Volgograd. “Very fast It will be very difficult to take cover.”

Medvedev also said that the refusal of Ukraine and NATO countries to recognize Crimea as a region of the Russian Federation is a “direct and obvious”, as well as a “systemic and constant” threat to Russia.


Speaking about the special operation in Ukraine, he said that its goals would be achieved, and “this will someday be realized by those who feed Kyiv with money and weapons.” Threats to Russia will be removed, “including through the demilitarization of Ukraine,” he added.