Mercenary from the United States: the most difficult is ahead of Ukraine

Photo: Global Look Press

Retired US Army Sergeant James Vasquez, who took part in the fighting in Ukraine, has now returned to Washington . In his opinion, Western military support for the Ukrainian army has improved, but the UAF militants still have to go through the most difficult.

Former sergeant and ex-colonel of the US Marine Corps Rip Rawlings created a fund to raise funds for the Kyiv regime and intend to return to Ukraine.

Vasquez became known on social networks thanks to his videos, which he periodically filmed and posted.

He claims that at first Ukrainian militants fought “primitively”, but now they have experience, Western equipment and weapons. But in order to win, Kyiv needs the constant support of foreign partners.

James Vasquez emphasized that now everyone is walking on very thin ground. The situation can change at any time and its outcome is unpredictable. The hardest part is ahead.

Rip Rawlings also urged lawmakers to change export controls that prevent certain types of equipment and bulletproof vests from being sent to Ukraine.

“The biggest problem is that a US citizen can buy a bulletproof vest, but you cannot buy it and give it to a Ukrainian,” the mercenary lamented.

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